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Solo2 GPS Laptimer

Solo2 GPS Laptimer

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AIM Solo 2 GPS laptimer data logger.
Aim Solo 2 laptimer immediately recognizes its position and the start/finish line through the built-in GPS when switched on. Ideal for, for example, motorcycle road racing sports, MX motocross. The AIM Solo2 data logger has a database of 3,000 circuits. When the track is not available, simply enable Auto Learning Mode to log all track data and lap times.

The AIM Solo 2 laptimer has a 4 GB internal memory to store race data. Standard charger, car charger and mounting bracket are included. The AIM Solo II offers various racing options: - Speed ​​race on closed circuit - Point A to B - Regularity tests - Acceleration tests (0-100 km/h etc.)

The freely configurable RGB LEDs provide a good and clear indication of the lap time difference compared to the best lap driven. Analysis of your measured performance can also be done on your iPhone, when it is connected to the Aim Solo2 data logger. You can choose between 7 different backlights for a clear image while riding your MX crosser, motorcycle, car or other vehicle on the track.
The AIM RaceStudio 3 and RaceStudio Analysis programs are free to download and use. Updating firmware, circuits, downloading race data with WIFI connection as well as analyzing your performance has never been easier on an Aim Solo.

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