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Airbag Pak V4.1 EVO Kangeroo

Airbag Pak V4.1 EVO Kangeroo

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The V4.1 EVO overall from RST is a top class full Factory racing suit that is identical to the suit used by RST professionals around the world. The suit is made of the highest quality kangaroo and class A cow leather, reinforced with Kevlar protection and offers optimal comfort and protection.

- Hip level 2
- Knee level 1
- Elbow level 2
- Shoulder level 2
- Rug In&motion level 1

- Outer layers: Kangaroo leather 60%, Cow leather 40%, Stretch
- Inner layer: removable quick-drying mesh lining

- Integrated Airbag
- Aerodynamic racing hump
- Stretch parts
- Neoprane edge at the neck and wrists
- Knee and elbow sliders

Delivery time depends on supplier's stock. If you would like to know the exact delivery time, please contact us.

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