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Xtreme XR1 Boots

Xtreme XR1 Boots

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This new Füsport Xtreme Designed and tested with the highest level of racing in mind, every decision has been made to improve safety and comfort, giving every user peace of mind on the bike. This unique racing boot has already been extensively tested by Füsport riders at world level and is worn by, among others, Oli Bayliss, Joel Kelso, Adrian Huertas, Collin Veijer, Rob Hartog, Dirk Geiger, Troy Alberto, Kevin Manfredi, Lorenzo Della Porta, Jed Metcher, Marvin Siebdrath and many others. The new FIAS (Füsport Internal Articulation System) gives the rider a great feeling without sacrificing protection. This articulated ankle protection is 4 years in the making with extensive world championship level testing.

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