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The BARRACUDA Z-LED B-LUX indicators have an E-mark and are therefore permitted in Europe. All variants have an aluminum housing and are available in various colors. This latest generation of indicators are equipped with high-quality and bright LEDs and have a special optical lens that increases the beam angle and therefore visibility. These flashing lights have a consumption of 1 Watt.

Delivery time depends on supplier's stock. Contact us for the options, prices for possible installation and exact delivery time.

Barrracuda's LED indicators are universal and can be mounted on all motorcycles. Each motorcycle has its own specific system and therefore LED indicators often require resistors to prevent faster flashing after installation.
• Motorcycles with a 10 watt flashing light system need the 10 WATT RESISTORS to compensate for the speed of flashing.
• Motorcycles with a 21 watt flashing light system need the 21 WATT RESISTORS to compensate for the speed of flashing.
• Motorcycles that were originally fitted with LED indicators do not require any resistance.

This applies to 99% of the motorcycles available, but there are also some cases where a specialist will need to look into it and resolve this for you.

For the best installation, we advise you to order the following products:
• Adapter plates (where applicable) to mount the indicators on your motorcycle.
• Resistors (see above)
• Adapter cables to connect the indicators to the original system, without having to change or cut anything in the original wiring.

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